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Part 1: Threat hunting with BRO/Zeek and EQL

One of the biggest challenges for blue teams is using logs to hunt for malicious activity. Tools like BRO provide fantastic logging of the events that transpired on a network but don’t provide a mechanism to ask those logs a question. Threat hunting is the process of generating a series of hypotheses about malicious activity that might be occurring on your network. EQL provides a tool that can ingest logs and provide the threat hunter a mechanism to ask questions to prove or disprove their hypotheses. Furthermore, I have extended the EQL platform to support Zeek/BRO logs for network-based threat hunting.

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Part 1: Running TOR exit node – Install/Setup exit node

In this blog post series, I will be covering how to setup a Tor exit node for security research. The educational goals of this series is to learn more about network security monitoring, logging, and enrichment to create a threat intelligence pipeline. My exit node will collect data that will be ingested and returned to the community as intelligence.

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