Monthly Archives: October 2020

Demystifying the Kolide Fleet API with CURL, Python, Fleetctl, and Ansible

A common question in the #Kolide channel in the Osquery Slack is how to use the Kolide Fleet API. Kolide Fleet is written in GoLang and utilizes the GoKit framework to build the application. Therefore, almost every action that can be performed via the WebGUI is an API call. This blog post is going to demonstrate how to use the Kolide Fleet API to perform actions such as creating a live query and obtaining the results using Python websockets, obtaining the Osquery enroll secret, and creating a saved query. In addition to the API, this blog post will demonstrate how to use the Fleetctl command-line tool to perform the same actions. Lastly, this blog post includes an Ansible playbook to automate deploying Oquery agents and registering them with Kolide.

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Creating a Windows 10 64-bit VM on Proxmox with Packer v1.6.3 and Vault

This blog post is going to demonstrate how to implement a new feature added to Packer in version 1.6.3. This new feature provides the ability to mount multiple ISOs on Proxmox VMs because Proxmox “doesn’t” support virtual floppy drives. Since Proxmox doesn’t support virtual floppy drives you can’t supply an Autounattend.xml file to automate the installation and initial configuration of Windows. By converting an Autounattend.xml file to an ISO we can now mount the ISO to install the OS and the ISO containing the necessary file to automate the installation. Lastly, I will be using Vault to store my sensitive values required by Packer to create this VM.

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