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Getting started with Autopsy multi-user cluster

The purpose of this blog post is to provide multiple methods on how to install/setup an Autopsy multi-client cluster. This blog post generated an infrastructure-as-code in the form of an Ansible playbook, Docker-compose, and manual instructions for setting up a cluster. In addition, this blog post will demonstrate how to setup the Autopsy client to connect to the Autopsy cluster and how to ingest disk images.

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Adventures of the Sherlock Holmes Memory Gopher: Dumping and analyzing memory with Osquery and Kolide

For several years I have always wanted to write an Osquery extension to perform memory dumps and analysis. I never got the time to do a deep dive into my idea but since I have been creating some Osquery-go extensions lately, I decided to take a crack at my idea. This blog post will provide a high overview of the architecture of these Osquery extensions for this project, how to generate memory dumps, and how to remotely analyze these memory dumps with Osquery. Follow me with another threat detection engineering experience with Osquery-go.

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Rekall memory analysis framework for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX

Rekall is the most complete Memory Analysis framework. Rekall provides an end-to-end solution to incident responders and forensic analysts. From state of the art acquisition tools, to the most advanced open source memory analysis framework. Rekall provides cross-platform solutions on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Additionally, as stated above each operating system has it’s own memory acquisition tool provided by Rekall called pmem.

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Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Memory Dump How To

Dumping memory from an operating system can be complicated and is not built-in feature. You also have to keep in mind that memory dumps are a snapshot in time of what is in the memory. The memory is constantly changing every second so having the right tool can be the difference between getting the data you need and having it lost forever. There are various tools for each operating system to accomplish memory dumps. Some tools are easier to setup and use than others and some tools are portable apps.  I have provided links at the bottom of this post to all the tools I cover within this post.

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