Monthly Archives: January 2021

IR Tales: The Quest for the Holy SIEM: Elastic stack + Sysmon + Osquery

This blog post is the first in a series to demonstrate how to install and setup common SIEM platforms. The ultimate goal of each blog post is to empower the reader to choose their own adventure by selecting the best SIEM based on their goals or requirements. Each blog post in the series will provide Docker-compose v2, Docker-compose for Swarm, Ansible, Vagrant, and manual instructions to allow the reader to setup each platform with the deployment method of their choosing. This blog post will cover how to setup the Elastic stack formerly known as ELK. In addition to setting up the Elastic stack I will provide instructions to install Sysmon + Winlogbeat on Windows and Osquery + Filebeat on Ubuntu to ship logs to Elastic.

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Getting started with FleetDM

The purpose of this blog post is to provide multiple methods on how to install/setup FleetDM, how to deploy Osquery, and demonstrate how to use features of FleetDM + FleetCTL. This blog post generated an Ansible playbook, Docker-composes for Swarm and non-swarm, Vagrant to create a VM, and manual instructions for installing FleetDM on Ubuntu 20.04. Additionally, there are Ansible playbooks for deploying the Osquery agent on Windows and Ubuntu with manual instructions as well. Lastly, I will end by demonstrating how to use the FleetDM WebGUI and FleetCTL tool to manage FleetDM and interact with your Osquery agents.

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