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VeraCrypt on Mac OSX El Captain

Veracrypt provides on-the-fly encryption and is also the predecessor and a fork of the Truecrypt project. Back in Fall of 2015 the Truecrypt maintainer’s stated the code was “not secure”. When this happened it left the security community in a huge loss and swirl of what “not secure” meant. However, after several months the internet rolled on and someone decided to pickup the torch and keep running. In this guide I am just running through the installation of Veracrypt, creating Veracrypt containers, and creating hidden Veracrypt cotnainers on Mac OSX El Captain. Continue reading

Part 1: Install/Setup Wazuh with ELK Stack

If you have been following my blog you know that I am trying to increase my Incident Response(IR) skillz and experience. For a class project we had to create/improve a piece of software in the forensic community for Windows(Windows forensic class). From my short time of searching the internet I never found a guide to setting up a logging system for Windows from start to finsh. An effective logging system has an agent/collector, a log aggregator, a data visualizer, and a good alerting mechnism.


The following sytem I have setup has Wazuh(OSSEC fork) for log collection, Wazuh Management for a log aggregator, the ELK stack for data retention and vizualiztion, and elastalert for e-mail alerting. In this guide I will walk you through on how to setup an effective logging system for all operating systems but mainly Windows for free. Additionally, we will be discussing the type of things that should be logged depending on your enviornment. As final note I have included my github repo at the bottom if you want to automated scripts for all of this.
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