Operation cleanup: Eradicating malware with Osquery and Kolide

This blog post is going to cover an Osquery extension that I engineered with osquery-go to eradicate malware. This extension has the ability to delete files, kill processes, delete directories, and can be used with the builtin YARA table. This blog post will act as documentation for the setup and operation of this Osquery extension.

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Rekall memory analysis framework for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX

Rekall is the most complete Memory Analysis framework. Rekall provides an end-to-end solution to incident responders and forensic analysts. From state of the art acquisition tools, to the most advanced open source memory analysis framework. Rekall provides cross-platform solutions on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Additionally, as stated above each operating system has it’s own memory acquisition tool provided by Rekall called pmem.

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