Creating macOS VM on VMware Fusion

I had no idea that Mac OSX users had the ability to create Mac OSX VMs with VMware Fusion. Say that last part five times fast lol. I am going to walk you through the process of creating a macOS(Sierra) VM on my laptop. I would like to give original credit to VMware but I want to share this with my readers. The ability to create Mac OSX VMs allows me to analyze Mac OSX malware in a safe environment, whoop whoop.

Creating macOS VM on VMware Fusion

Obtaining the macOS from Apple Store

  1. Open Apple store and login
  2. Enter “macOS” into the search
    1. You can download any Mac OSX version in the store and create a VM
  3. Select “Download”

Creating VMware Fusion VM

  1. Open VMware Fusion
  2. Select “Add +” then “New”
  3. Select “Install from disc or image”
  4. Open Finder and go to the Applications folder
  5. Drag and drop “Install macOS” from Finder to the VMware window
  6. Select “Install macOS” and select “continue”
  7. On the next menu feel free to change the name of the VM and hardware settings.
  8. Select “Finish”

Install/Setup macOS OS

  1. Select your preferred language.
  2. Select “Install macOS” from Mac Utilities
  3. Accept the Terms of Service license agreement
  4. Select “Macintosh HD” for disk to install OS
  5. Select “Install”
    1. The install will take a couple of mins.
  6. Select “United States” for country
  7. Select “U.S.” for keyboard
  8. Select “Don’t transfer any information now” for “transfer your information”
  9. Leave Location disabled
  10. Select “Don’t sign in” for Apple ID
  11. Agree to the license agreement
  12. For account creation enter name, username, password, and password hint
  13. Select “New York – United States” for time zone
  14. Select “Finish”


VM Snapshot and linked clones


  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. Select “Virtual Machine” at the top, then “Snapshots…”, and then “Snapshots”
  3. Select “Take” and enter “Fresh Install”


Create linked clone

  1. Right-click “macOS 10.12” in the VMware Fusion VM library and select “Create linked clone”




3 thoughts on “Creating macOS VM on VMware Fusion

  1. autarch princeps says:

    You cannot download the macOS app from the app store, if you already have the newest version installed, or at least it doesn’t let me.

    • Lewallen says:

      Yes, you can. Click Get, it’ll download and start the installation. Just cancel the installation and then go to your Application folder. You should see “Install MacOS” app. I just verified on mine.

  2. Daniel says:

    Get Apple macOS installers using the free Patcher Utilities.

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