Monthly Archives: October 2016

Creating Metasploitable 3 with vagrant

I run a cybersecurity club every Friday and I had to make a vulnerable Windows VM. However, I wanted a VM that everyone could attack in different ways so I decided not to reinvent the wheel and use Metasploitable 3. I would also like to note I TAKE NO CREDIT for the creation of this VM, this guide will show you how to create that VM on Kali Linux. AS WELL I take no liability, damage, or legality if you use this post to make a Windows VM. I am unsure of the legality of distributing a Windows VM for something like this so please use at your own risk. Additionally at the bottom I provide a download link for anyone who wants to download this VM premade. Thanks and enjoy.

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Install/Setup Hashcat + AMD + CentOS 7

During this post I will show you how to setup Hashcat on CentOS 7 with an AMD video card. I currently have an AMD 7950 in my ESXi box and I will be doing hardware pass-through for the video card. This post came out of recent dumps of Dropbox and LinkedIn. As a security person I am always curious to look at these dumps an get common passwords to generate my own common password list. In

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